813. Low info diet

How much info is out in the world today? 

The pieces of information out in the world may be in the millions, or even billions? 

News, tv networks, search engines like google and YouTube, social media

All at the tip of our fingers. 

But how much information is important ?

And more importantly , how much do we actually need?

Important – most of it is jibber jabber, some of it is a little better, and a tiny fraction is what we need. 

But do we actually need it? 

Sometimes, I’ll plan or gather Info when the event or whatever is happening months out…

Only for me to go back a few weeks as we get closer to the time and i redo most of the “research” I did…

Time waster

Going low Info is the alternative to that 

Only researching – gathering Info – what we need today or in the immediate future not months or years out 

And ya for sure there’s a time and a place to do long term planning or whatever, not every time and place though.

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