838. The simple life 

I think that’s what we all desire, to live a simple life 

The thing is, our complexity in life comes from our own doing. 

We make things complicated, it’s not our fault 

The mind is trying to keep our bodies alive 

But we can think about things – our actions, emotions, plans, who we want to become, anything…

And we can intentionally make our life simple by not adding things, or better yet, by taking things away 

Simple doesn’t have to mean modest either – we can have that car or that house, but do we need 10 of them? Unless we’re a serious collector or rental property owner, probably not. 

And on a smaller scale

Do we need all the latest kitchen gadgets? We probably only use one or two. 

Do we need to be doing something all the time? for what? We can use that time to do what we want to do – whatever that is 

The simple life – living less complicated, more intentional – is a life worth living 

And it’s intentionally built

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