839. Keep on stepping 

When the going is good, keep on stepping 

And when it gets bad, keep on stepping 

No matter what, keep on stepping 

Because that’s how we win at this game of life, by never stopping – always going 

Time doesn’t wait for no one, we better get a move on 

Keep on stepping.

2 thoughts on “839. Keep on stepping 

  1. What an inspiring and motivating post! The idea of continuously stepping forward regardless of the circumstances resonates deeply with me. I have a question, how do you keep yourself motivated and focused on taking those steps when faced with adversity?

    MR. W



    1. thanks for the comment. To keep myself motivated and focused when faced with adversity – I have a life map that I look at daily and when in times of need. The life map has my someday goals, five-year goals, one-year goals, one-month goals, one week goals, and daily goals. (the idea is taken from the book the one thing by gary keller). It helps me realize that these small actions I am doing today are leading me towards the bigger picture. I also write down my goals twice each day, (daily goals “power list” and yearly goals)


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