841. Mini retirements 

Taking a month to however many months off from “work” in another country or somewhere far from home. 

Still “working” but not in the traditional sense 

Not running away from life but reevaluating  

And different ways to fund the mini r? 

Work on the road. Online or in person 

Save and then go (this is the most common)

Because there’s a value to traveling that we can’t get anywhere else. 

“Do it while you can” is a saying travelers hear and it’s an excuse for those afraid to make their dreams come true. 

After all, we can travel whenever we want at whatever age we want

We hold ourselves back – not with travel, but with life 

One thought on “841. Mini retirements 

  1. I love the positive message of this article about the benefits of taking time off to travel and experience other cultures. It’s great to see encouragement to pursue dreams instead of making excuses.


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