842. Morning journal entries 

I’ll try to explain what my journal looks like with the written word. 

I have a total of 7 sections.

Section 1:  across the top of the page I write the date, day, and “Savers” – this gets crossed off once completed 

Savers stands for the morning routine:

Silence, Affirmations, Visualize, Exercise, Read, Scribe (write) 

Section 2: Power list

5 critical tasks to “win the day” usually something like: 

  • Health related Workout 
  • Personal 
  • Work related 
  • Work related 
  • Work related 

Section  3: Workout of the day 

Section  4: Yearly goals 

  • I list all my yearly goals and use to visualize them for a few minutes each morning

Section 5: affirmation for the day 

Section 6: grateful 

  • Writing 3 things I am grateful for 

Section 7: Notes

  • Any thoughts I want to get out of my head – this usually turns into my daily snippet

I write this in a copybook most mornings and it’s changed my life.

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