899. Ultramarathons: Training for life & mental bank deposits 

This article is a snippet of how ultramarathons and life relate to each other and make us become better people. A way to train for life and make mental bank deposits. 

Yeah, ultra marathons are cool, running distances we never thought possible 

Doing things we never thought possible 

And most of us don’t train to win any of these races, the odds of that happening are slim – 

Let’s be real there are some running specimens out there. 

You don’t have to place first to get the benefits of an ultra marathon

Because finishing alone has benefits

Most of us run ultramarathons to break personal best – personal barriers – a way to train for life. 

Ultrarunning develops our mental attitude – during the race, after the race, before the race

And this improved mentality that we develop can bleed into other areas of our life. 

Setting goals for specific races, maybe they seem out of reach – but then we complete them? 

That’s a deposit into the mental bank 

Even if we don’t complete our goal and do a DNF, a short-term ‘loss’ (that doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of life) 

we go back to the drawing board

what went well? What did? What would I do differently? 

rewrite our plan

Get better, train smarter or harder, and come back next year to finish that race?

That’s a major deposit into the mental bank 

This ultramarathon thing is more mental than physical, especially when we get to ridiculous distances like 100 miles or more. 

Train wherever, whenever we can.

This goes for recovery too. 

Running more mileage, or pushing the speed faster and faster has its price, are you willing to pay that price of more training miles, time, energy, and everything else that comes with more mileage? 

What could you do instead? 

And that’s the key…

what do we want to accomplish with running? 

For me, that’s to push my limits and give my best, all the time, with a positive attitude. 

I appreciate your attention!

Thanks for tuning in! 

LMK anything! 

Get some miles, peace!!!

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