592. Small daily actions

Here are some small daily actions that – if done consistently – will change your life forever:

  • Reading a nonfiction book 10 pages. It’s only 20 minutes 
  • Working out for 45 minutes- this is the most important. It could be movement, yoga, running , a mix of two, anything 
  • Silence/ stillness, even for only a minute 
  • An affirmation – you don’t need to lie to yourself here, find one good affirmation and repeat it everyday. Mines “I give my best all the time with a positive attitude” 
  • Visualize – see in your mind what you want your life to look like 
  • Write – your viewpoints, even if only a sentence 
  • Eat healthy – if we’re deadly sick, the only thing we want is to live. If we have health then we have hope and if we have hope we have everything 

This all would only take 80 (minus the eating healthy part) 

Maybe we can’t start this all at once – but we can for sure get there. 

On step at a time 

One habit at a time 

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